Sorgenfrei Valley Farm

Starting the third year of raising two steers for grass fed beef market. The two arrived April 7th on a cold wet rainy day. Who knew in another week it would begin to feel like summer time!

This year the steers are an Angus cross Simmental and a pure Angus. They tipped the scales at nearly identical weights of 795 pounds. Bro, Angus/Simmental, has easy going attitude… Brooo! The Angus one, Junior, is a bit of a handful. Often curious but just as easily spooked by his own shadow:)

Look forward to getting to know them better. This year the care regime is focused on reducing flies. Specifically, face flies. The flies are out early and numerous as the warm unseasonable weather has promoted their numbers. About 18 fly traps have been installed around the perimeter of the North Pasture. Most already have 50 to 100 flies in each. Using Equiderm Neem fly repellant when I can get them to stand still. It does help! Poop patrol is occurring with covering up fresh manure to keep flies from getting into it.

This year the plan is to add an additional three acres of pasture within the south field. Building a 4 smooth wire live stock exclusion fence with three gates. More on this later.

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