Sorgenfrei Valley Farm April 27, 2021

Spring time is physically the most challenging time of the year. Caring for steers, (poop and fly management), preparing gardens for plantings, firewood bucking and splitting, and this year building a nearly one mile long fence. It is also the most rewarding time of year; spring flowers, new leaf buds, grass growing tall and wild, and the return of song birds and frogs make life full of wonder. Again as last year a bunny family has taken up residence under the wood board walk by the garage. The long fat Garter snake awaits me on sunny days along the trail. Fly hatches flit about in the late afternoon sunshine with their pixie dust air.

The steers, Bro and Junior, are settling in nicely. I can hug Big Bro and just lightly touch Junior’s muzzle. I’ve been feeding them a few treats; kale and Sweet Swedish Fish, which they can’t get enough of.

The following photos show different aspects of the Farm this year. The flower garden is full of color (Daffodils and tulips), vegetable garden preparations, and fence installation…

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