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Andy Loch

His works shed light on how humans influence the ecology of running and still waters. Curiosity about a river and a future led him to China in 2010. Over the next ten years he traveled China’s roads, trains, buses, planes, and rivers.

He now lives on a small farm in the Cascade Mountain foothills of Snohomish County. He continues to write about his travels to China. His first book A Trivial Travel Tale to Northeast China, (2012) has now been followed by Chengdu: Sojourns in the Land of Abundance, 2021.

“We are a lot more a like than not.”

A. Loch

“That was not a trivial tale! It was a master piece! I couldn’t put it down”

Elsie Sorgenfrei, 2012

“Wow, you know a lot about China”

Ms. W, Chengdu China, 2019

“… this is the greatest book I’ve ever read. It has added meaning to my life. If Shakespeare had been to China, this is the book he would have written. You can’t live a good life if you haven’t read this book.”

Mr. K., USA, May 2021
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