Professionally he is a versatile, intelligent, and dedicated Aquatic Ecologist. His career in ecology began in 1982 on foreign fishing trawlers in the Bering Sea. After twenty six months at sea, acquired over five years, he set sail for land. On land he carried out various studies on: salmon ecology, fishers surveys, urban streams, water quality, lakes, and timber harvests. Trained as a citizen activist he worked along side others to protect forested watersheds.

His two grown daughters continue to impress him with their comings and goings. Please follow them on their Podcast: In the Barn, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/in-the-barn/id1522882428 where they cover the latest in science behind horse riding and horse tack. Thanks!!

He now pursues life as writer, hobby farmer, and sharing his knowledge and wit with all who care to listen.

Alaska 2018


Aquatict Ecologist

A versatile, intelligent, and dedicated Aquatic Ecologist. His career spans the wind chopped Salish and Bering Seas. Research and monitoring took him up river to the Cascade Mountain’s wind swept glacier fed small streams. Down from the mountains he explored urban impacted Puget Low Land streams. Later, he carried those skills to China, where he designed and conducted a research project on Chengdu’s river ecology.


His career in ecology began in 1982 on foreign fishing trawlers in the Bering Sea. As a commercial salmon fisherman he worked in Alaska from Bristol Bay’s set nets in Ekuk to a gill net boat out of Wrangell Alaska. He worked as scientific technician on salmon test net fishery in Salish Sea, San Juan Islands. On the local rivers he conducted fisher creel census interviews, Salmon spawning surveys, and detailed water quality monitoring efforts.


A curious mind set him a drift towards China in 2010. Here he writes of his travels and astute observations of China. Always ever a scientist his stories contain research to provide a stage for his tales. He writes poems for his eyes only.

Log Smith

He and his then wife in 1986 built a red alder log cabin along side the East Fork of Woods Creek. They lived off the grid (no running water, electricity, or phone) for five years from 1987 to 1991 till their first daughter was born. In 1996 their youngest daughter was born. In that same year their pursuit of a dream home was realized after a four year effort. The hand crafted Tamarack log home took all the muscles they were born with and an old 9N Ford Tractor.  

Small Organic Farm

New to the farm scene in 2015 he developed a Farm Plan for his 21-acre Sorgenfrei Valley Farm. To date he has raised all natural grass fed beef for the local market. He continues to explore other enterprises that remain in the experimental stage.


First Place – Facing the Reaper Shut Down-write In 2020, Pacific Northwest Writers Coop.

Conservation Leadership of the Year 2018. Snohomish Conservation District’s Small Farm Program.

Community Achievement Award 1998. Pilchuck Audubon Society.

Certificate of Merits:

Lake Monitoring Volunteer, Washington State Department of Ecology, 1996

Stream Inventory, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, 1996

Outstanding Job Performance, U.S. Department of Interior, 1989

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